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About Us

Who We Are

JamBam is a new and exciting media production business.  Established in 2020, JamBam was created to help local businesses put that touch of class on their video production requirements, making the whole process both easy and affordable.


JamBam’s mission is to bring an affordable yet professional level of video service to local businesses, enabling a polished and effective presentation of their products and services through social media or any preferred platform.

Based in Narellan, NSW JamBam serves both the Macarthur and the Greater Sydney Region.

We love what we do. Contact us to find out how we can use our passion for perfection to enhance your video projects without blowing your budget!

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JamBam Media Production

James Baker, Owner

After many years in the IT industry, in 2020 James made the decision to convert his passion for videography into a career. And so JamBam was born.


While it's his passion that drives him, his lengthy experience in IT means he’s perfectly positioned to leverage the latest technology trends in the NLE and post production environments. Having honed his skills over many years, he is now a competent content creator. James loves the details, from lighting/backgrounds to audio/visual effects. He delves into all aspects of videography and photography, and enjoys the challenge of bringing these together to deliver curated content to the satisfaction of his clients.

When he's not working the rounds of creative film making, you might see him trotting around the place with his fellow social joggers through the streets, parks and trails of Macarthur.


What makes a good video?

  • FOR SOCIAL MEDIA - In a world where you have fractions of second to grab someone’s attention, understanding the best composition requirements to firstly grab, and secondly hold people’s attention is a vital component of what makes a good video. Although video presentation is important, composition is king!

  • FOR EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS - High quality audio. The audio on your video (both what is said and the quality of the sound) is the primary focus, and the visuals will support this. Like social media videos, composition is critical to ensure that the video holds people's attention while the audio educates them.

  • FOR PRODUCT DEMO/INFO - High quality video is key. Your video has to be on-point to show and demonstrate the product perfectly. Audio is an important supplement and is utilsed to emphasise the key points, but the visuals tell the story most effectively, and can be either inspirational or aspirational depending on the product.

  • A GOOD FIRST IMPRESSION - The first impression you make is the most important one. And it may be the only chance you get to influence your customers  perception of you and to land that sale!

  • HIGH PRODUCTION VALUES - If you video has poor lighting, poor sound or a confused message, your audience will notice, and that reflects badly on your whole business 😲


Your customers need to see who you really are, how good your products are, and what you offer in the best possible way!

And that's where JamBam can help. We'll make you look great, your products look great, and your services sound great!

And we won't destroy your bank account!

How we can help you 🫵


  • Maximum efficiency. We strive to make the most of your time on shooting day. Before the big day we listen to you and develop effective, concise storyboards and can assist with scripting.  On the day you will benefit from our lighting and sound expertise to ensure the perfect result.​

  • We are flexible.  Sometimes creative ideas present themselves on-set.  We make the most of opportunities as they arise, or if circumstances move the goal-posts.

  • Your digital assets welcome! We also accept your footage to blend in with the finished product, including drone, action cam, or phone shot video / photos.

Contact us:

Contact Us

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6 Henry Place

Narellan Vale

0413 802 912

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